5 benefits of your builder also being your home designer

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There’s something intangible about owning a custom home. It’s a dream, a place where every corner expresses your personality and fits your family’s lifestyle. As we’ve always said, building a custom home is like creating your own masterpiece, you get to customize every single space of your home, from deciding the number of rooms and levels to picking all the materials, colour palette, fixtures, appliances, etc…the list goes on!
When you’re in the building journey of a custom home, you’re in charge. This means every single detail in your home will be designed and built specifically based on your needs, requirements, location, dreams, and inspiration.

This might sound like a lot of work, time, and money, but the reality is different. When you go through this process with the right designer and builder, all the time and budget you spend in your new custom home will be completely worth it. The result will be a home that you can be absolutely proud of and enjoy forever. And if you have a builder that can also design your custom home, we assure you the result will be even better.

Here are the top 5 benefits of finding a builder that can also be your home designer:


If the builder you chose for your custom home can also offer a building design service, it will make all the management and communication between you and the builder a lot easier throughout your entire journey. You will have one point of contact for everything related to the design and construction of your new home, and this company will be fully accountable from start to finish. Also, having your building designer working in coordination with other members of the building team will create a harmony that makes every phase of the project run smoothly without any problems or misunderstandings. This will make your experience stress free and enjoyable.

Note that it’s essential to make sure that your home designer + builder has the relevant qualifications and can protect you with professional indemnity insurance. It’s also imperative to ensure that the company is a member of their industry association- in the case of building designers, the BDAA- This gives you peace of mind that your home designer is across current industry trends, developments, and regulations. A fully qualified and properly insured building designer can be the difference between a smooth and stress-free building journey, and a complete nightmare.


By choosing to work with the combined services of a building designer and a builder, every single stage of the design and construction process will be planned right from the beginning of the project. Your builder will provide insights and recommendations during the design phase to find practical ways to improve every process while keeping costs down, and even find ways to prevent potential issues during construction. In the same way, your building designer will be involved throughout the entire building process to make sure the home looks exactly as the client imagined it. The collaborative work between these two forces will result in efficiency and speed, especially during the construction stage, as having a structured and clear plan for design and constructions from the beginning will streamline all the processes and avoid significant delays.


This combined approach to construction is definitely more cost-effective. As your builder will be involved from the initial phase working with your building designer, they will give you a realistic idea of the cost of your new home, and even come up with recommendations on how to maximise the results of your home according to your budget. This way, you won’t encounter any unforeseen costs during the construction phase.

Another perk of working with an experienced builder + building designer is that you get access to the trendiest and highest quality materials at competitive prices. Therefore, an efficient team working for you in the design and construction of your new home can lead to cost minimisation to the short and long term.


Building a custom home already allows you to be flexible. The goal of your builder should be to take your dreams and turn them into a reality without taking any shortcuts, being flexible enough to make any changes during the process in case there is something you don’t love about it. When the builder and the designer are working together throughout the design and construction of your home, the management of changes will get a lot easier, as they are already in sync with what your needs and expectations are. They’ll make any required adjustments on the way to make sure your home is unique to you, and you’re completely satisfied with the result.


It’s simple, you get everything you want, the way you want it. Custom homes should be a true expression of their owners. If your builder and designer know exactly what you want from the beginning, they will aim to create a cohesive living experience that’s all you inside and out. You will have a whole team working together to bring up to life a home that looks just as you envisioned it, and that also reflects your personality.

With Bakker Homes, you can entrust your dream home to a company that can offer a full design and construction service. With an award-winning building designer and a highly experienced team that focuses on impeccable craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail, we’ll work closely to you all the way, listening to your ideas and being flexible to make changes in the process to deliver a stunning and functional home that’s utterly unique to you and your family.

Being a full-service design and construction company also allows us to offer a personalised service that manages all aspects of the building process to ensure your building journey is as stress-free and easy as possible. This includes working with local councils and the creation of initial concepts and design right through to the construction of your new home. As award-winning builders, we understand building costs and how design impacts on budget and this experience and knowledge translate into impressive and affordable outcomes. We’re genuinely passionate about creating the perfect home for our clients!

Our award-winning building designer and builder Graeme is a full member of the Building Designers Association of Australia and has more than 25 years of experience in working with clients in the area to achieve their dream homes from start to end. Also, being a local, born and raised in the Port Stephens area makes him deeply committed to the improvement of the location and highly familiar with the land conditions and its local council planning issues.
Having Graeme being involved in every stage of the process has ensured the success of every project that Bakker Homes has delivered and exceeded every single of our client’s expectations on their building journey.

If you’re ready to start the journey for your new dream home, get in contact with our team today.

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