The benefits of a knockdown rebuild

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Have you ever felt like you have outgrown your home, but you really love where you live? You are considering selling, and you’re looking for homes to buy somewhere else, dreaming about how your ideal home would look like. This could be a solution of course, but in fact, a knockdown rebuild can be definitely the perfect answer: Not only you get to stay in your neighbourhood, the area and community you love, but you’ll also enjoy the perks of getting a beautiful new home that is specifically designed and built based on your needs and budget.

You might have also considered renovating and extending your home, but if truth be told, renovations can often cost you the same as knockdown rebuilds, sometimes more if we consider the unforeseen costs of upgrading your current home. As land is becoming more and more scarce in most areas, knockdown rebuilds are turning into a popular choice among homeowners, and it’s not only saving them a fair amount of money in legal fees, stamp duty and relocation costs but also making their family’s lives easier in the long run.

Here are some of the Knockdown advantages in detail:

1. It gives you freedom of choice:

A knockdown rebuild is an opportunity to start from scratch, a new chance to build the home of your dreams! You will have the freedom to choose a design that fulfils your needs now, and in the future, selecting every feature from the number of rooms you need for your growing family, to details like the colour schemes, materials, fixtures, and fittings.

Another major benefit of a knockdown rebuild is that when starting fresh, you can incorporate sustainable features into your home, even small changes can make a massive difference to the planet and even to your finances. You can get a home design that takes full advantage of the block orientation, allowing abundant natural light throughout the house and minding sun exposure and shadows to optimise the temperature of your home without using much energy.
As a result, you’ll live in a home you love even more because it is exactly the home you wanted, where you wanted it, without being limited by your home’s existing structure.

2. It’s more cost-effective:

As we mentioned before, one of the biggest advantages of a knockdown rebuild is its cost. While some people might assume that rebuild will cost them a fortune, the truth is it can be way more cost-effective than renovating or extending.
Renovations and extensions are often stressful, time-consuming, and even when homeowners are trying to save money, the unforeseen costs of improvements can make them more expensive.

When you’re rebuilding, the costs of design and construction are usually known upfront. When renovating or extending, the expenses are a bit more difficult to predict as the builder will face unexpected construction issues on the way, which means they will need to add a contingency budget into the quote to cover this.
When you buy a new home, you’ll have to mind costs such as stamp duty, agent fees, legal fees, moving costs, pest inspections, etc… The costs of moving and renovating can really stack up if you’re not aware of them, but when you knock down rebuild, you know exactly the amount of money you’ll need to bring your dream home up to life, plus you won’t have to invest in a new land . The only disadvantage of rebuilding is that you’ll need to rent out a property in the meantime, but with the current rental availability, this could be quite easy and cost-effective.

3. Keep your ideal location:

Without a doubt, the best aspect of rebuilding your home is getting to stay in the place you love. To knockdown and rebuild your home has a huge impact on your lifestyle, as it allows you to keep living in your current location while upgrading your home into a place that truly suits you and your family’s current needs. If you love your neighbourhood, your local shops, your kids love their school, and there is a thriving a supportive community where you live, then moving to a new home in a different suburb doesn’t make much sense at this point.

Location has always been the most important aspect of any real estate decision. If your location is good and you’re happy with your lifestyle there, you don’t have to leave. A knockdown rebuild is the best idea to get a new home that you can love and be incredibly proud of, without changing your family’s way of living drastically. It’s truly a win-win situation!


In conclusion, while the thought of demolishing your old home and building a new one can be scary at first, it is worthy of consideration as it really pays off. The advantages in the short and long run are evident, you’ll breathe a new life to your old address, improve your family’s lifestyle and stay in the place you love while living in a home that you love even more.

For over 25 years, Bakker Homes has been helping people throughout Port Stephens and Newcastle to knockdown and rebuild the home of their dreams. Being both a local Designer and Builder has given us extensive experience and knowledge of the area required to knockdown rebuild on all types of sites including sloping, narrow and level blocks. Our main goal is to maximise our client’s block potential to build a new home that complements their lifestyle and budget.

When you go through this process with us, we understand that you’ll want to be involved in every step of the way. This is why our team will work in partnership with you from the initial planning and design stages, to the demolition and pre-construction right through to construction, and we will create the perfect home that fulfils your family’s needs, all without you needing to move!

Leaving the design and construct of your new home in our hands, you can be confident that you will get the best quality craftsmanship, materials and design trends at the best prices, bringing your dream home to life while making the most of your budget .This is what differentiate us in the industry.
It costs nothing to discuss your case with a member of our team, get a free site consultation with us today!

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